What are the UVA Fund’s fees?

The UVA Fund’s administrative fees are pro-rated quarterly based on average monthly balance. They are as follows:

Amounts < $8,000$40 per year
Amounts < $10 million0.50% per year
Amounts > $10 million but < $20 million0.25% per year
Amounts > $20 million0.10% per year

Additional miscellaneous fees include:

Stop Payment (within 30 days of check date)
Stop Payment (after 30 days of check date)
Reissue Check
ACH  Payment (out of cycle)
Wire Payment (domestic and international)
Credit card deposit processing fees
Variable – pass through fees avg. 2.5%

Accounts with funds invested in the short, mid, or long-term pools may be subject to investment manager fees. Contact uvafund@virginia.edu if you would like more details.